Before You Buy 12

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Before You Buy
Episode 12

Before You Buy 12:

Sony Tablet P

Playstation certified
Nice displays
  • Cons:
The outside and middle middle bezel is a deal breaker
Many apps are awkward with dual screens
  • Don't Buy!

Sony Nex 7

Excellent DSLR Image and Build Quality
Fast Startup and Operation
Great electronic viewfinder and Rear LCD
  • Cons:
Menus are a little confusing
Limited lens selection
Eye detection can drain battery
  • Buy!

Logitech Touch Mouse M600

Bluetooth dongle supports up to 6 devices
Well designed
  • Cons:
May not be comfortable for everyone
  • Try!

Jabra Sport

Can be paired to 2 devices at once
Good call quality
  • Cons:
Doesn't fit everyone.
Can't wear with glasses
3 to 4 hours of battery life
Must use arm band for running
  • Try!

Apple iPad Retina

Faster and better looking
New software
Screen and power
  • Cons:
  • Buy!


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