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Before You Buy
Episode 126

Before You Buy 126:

AOC 24’’ Gaming Monitor (G2460Pqu)

144 Hz refresh rate, 8.5 ms lag
Practical stand
Four USB ports
  • Cons:
No 3D support
Crappy Speakers
  • Buy!

ROCCAT Kova Mouse +

Left & Right Handed
Easy Shift
  • Cons:
Light construction
Sensor would get clogged
  • Buy!

Genius GX Gaming SW-G2.1 2000

Multiple Sources
Wall mounts on speakers
Light up sub
  • Cons:
Speakers would flop around
  • Try!

Neptor 5600 mAh Rechargeable Battery

Design - fits in pocket easily
Flexible cable
Two charging ports
  • Cons:
Recharge time
No AC adapter
  • Buy!

Telikin Wow! Computer

Easy to use and secure
Direct updates
Good screen
Decent processor
  • Cons:
Touchscreen doesn't work on some programs
Keyboard overly complicated
  • Buy!

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