Before You Buy 135

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Before You Buy
Episode 135

Before You Buy 135:

Toshiba Tecra Z40 Laptop

Windows 7
Touch Screen
Light Weight
  • Cons:
Bad Construction
Little Sluggish
  • Try!

Nokia Lumia 635

Windows 8.1
  • Cons:
No Flash
No Front Camera
  • Buy!

Rapoo 8900p Wireless Ultra-slim Keyboard and Mouse

Reach (home theater)
Connection Speed
  • Keyboard Cons:
Cannot adjust the height
No caps or num lock indicator
  • Mouse Pros:
Connection Speed
Ergonomic design and feel

Mouse Cons:

Magnifier easy to click by mistake
  • Buy!

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener

Works with all garage doors
Sends alerts to your phone
App shows if garage door is open or closed
  • Cons:
Better alternatives are available
Clunky interfaces
Missing obvious home automation features
  • Don't Buy!

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