Before You Buy 142

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Before You Buy
Episode 142

Before You Buy 142:

808 Hex SL Bluetooth Speakers

Good metal build quality
Very portable
  • Cons:
No play/pause/skip buttons
  • Buy!

808 Hex TL Bluetooth Speakers

Taller form factor
  • Cons:
Made of plastic
Doesn't have micro-usb charger
  • Try!

808 Hex XL

Has play/pause/skip controls
Has a handle
  • Cons:
Wide form factor
  • Try!

Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden

Very easy
Provides it's own light
Just add water
  • Cons:
You could easily do it yourself
  • Try!

Champ Survival LightStick Weather Radio

Solar Panel
Backup Phone Charger
Desk Lamp
  • Cons:
Non-replaceable battery
  • Buy!

HTC Desire 510

Price (on some carriers)
  • Cons:
  • Try!

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