Before You Buy 46

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Before You Buy
Episode 46

Before You Buy 46:

Droid Razr MAXX HD Verizon

Great Build Quality
Extra Long Battery Life
Fast & Responsive
  • Cons:
Terrible Camera
Not current Android OS (update soon)
Verizon Bloatware
  • Try!

Droid Razr HD Verizon

Solid industrial design
Battery life is impressive
Display size and resolution (especially compared to previous 4.3" Razr)
  • Cons:
Camera quality is very inconsistent
Colors are never quite right and too cool for my taste
16GB internal storage might be too small
  • Don't Buy

Touchfire Keyboard

Easy to carry with iPad
Retracts easily for full screen use
Attaches magnetically
  • Cons:
Takes so work to get lined up
Flimsy material makes typing clumsy
Not enough tactile feedback when typing
Overpriced at $50
  • Don't Buy!

Pantech Flex AT&T

Ease of Use
  • Cons:
  • Try!

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

Daring design
Thin and light
Solid keyboard
Good viewing angles
  • Cons:
Awkward as a tablet
Buggy performance
Trackpad issues w/Win8
  • Try!


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