Before You Buy 62

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Before You Buy
Episode 62

Before You Buy 62:

Dell Inspiron 15z

Responsive screen / touchpad
Price for specs
  • Cons:
Brightness and resolution
Speakers sound muffled
  • Try!

WD TV Play

Local & Network Video Support
No Problem with Big Files
  • Cons:
No DTS Decoding
No DivX Support
  • Try!

Kobo Mini

Small form factor
  • Cons:
Small library
  • Try!

Nexus 10

Fast and Responsive
High Resolution Screen
Best Android Tablet Experience
  • Cons:
No Memory Card Slot
Lacking 3G/4G options
Limited Accessories
  • Buy

Dell XPS 10 tablet

Light and comfortable
IPS screen
Office 2013 included
  • Cons:
Windows RT
No palm rejection on trackpad
  • Try!

Roku 3

In-ear headphone jack on remote
Video quality and playback
SD Slot
Remote Apps for iOS and Android
  • Cons:
No iTunes
No HDMI cable
  • Buy!

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