Before You Buy 63

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Before You Buy
Episode 63

Before You Buy 63:

Zooka Speakers

Crisp Sound/Vocals
  • Cons:
No Aux in cord
No Bass
Not Good for Calls
  • Don't Buy!

Mophie Juice Pack Helium

Battery life
Protects phone
  • Cons:
  • Buy!

Nokia Lumia 810

Expandable storage (Media only, not for apps)
  • Cons:
Low resolution display
  • Buy!

Surface Pro

Great Performance
Full HD Display
Pressure Sensitive Pen
  • Cons:
Poor Battery Life (2-3 hrs)
Feels Heavy & Thick
No 3G/4G Options / No Dock Options
  • Try!

BlackBerry Z10

New BB10 OS
Sound quality
Screen quality
  • Cons:
Late to the game
Feels unpolished
  • Buy!if using BB already. Don't Buy if your not

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