Before You Buy 65

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Before You Buy
Episode 65

Before You Buy 65:

Braven 570

Light, portable
Good battery life
Easy to operate
  • Cons:
volume doesn't carry over several voices
Finicky bluetooth issues
  • Buy!

Braven 625s

  • Cons:
  • Buy!

Satechi U Charger

Small and simple design
Does increase charging speed
Didn't break the computer's USB
Prevents syncing while charging
  • Cons:
Cant fast charge and sync simultaneously
Doesn't work with USB hubs
No benefit for new macs
Still not as fast as a wall charger
  • Try!

Energizer Energi-To-Go XP18000a

Flexible design for most devices
Lots of Power
Slow discharge & Durability
  • Cons:
  • Buy

Nook HD

Hi-res Screen
Huge book selection
Great for families
  • Cons:
Closed-off B&N App store
No cameras
  • Try!

Popcorn Hour A-400

Versatility with file types
  • Cons:
  • Don't Buy!

Google Chromebook Pixel

Gorgeous screen
Overall build
  • Cons:
Graphics card
  • Don't Buy!

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