Before You Buy 75

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Before You Buy
Episode 75

Before You Buy 75:

Lenovo IdeaTab LYNX

Works for basic tasks
  • Cons:
  • Don't Buy!

Stick N' Find

Very Small
Connect up up to 20 stickers
Good battery life
  • Cons:
Radar can be inaccurate
Quiet Speaker
No Windows support
  • Buy!

Dell XPS 18

Competitive price
Great build quality
  • Cons:
  • Buy!

Pentax K-5 II

In body shake reduction
Weather sealed
  • Cons:
Hard to switch to movie mode
Auto focus assist light location
  • Buy!

2013 Apple MacBook Air

Excellent battery life - best in class
Still the standard for thin and light machines
Very fast SSD drives
  • Cons:
Slower CPU than previous model
1440x900 screen
  • Buy!

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