Before You Buy 86

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Before You Buy
Episode 86

Before You Buy 86:


Good dual-purpose device
Extra gaming access
  • Cons:
Bulky and heavy
Controller support
  • Buy!

Acer Aspire R7

Ezel hinge
Battery life
  • Cons:
Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Buy!

Asus Transformer Book TX300

Styish & sturdy
Nice looking screen (high res)
Performance is very good (uses an ivy bridge i7)"
Good keyboard
  • Cons:
Pricey at $1500
A little heavy at over 4 pounds total
Camera is blah
  • Try!

Turnstone Buoy

More comfort than an excersize ball
  • Cons:
  • Buy!

Samsung Curved 55-inch OLED TV

Really thin
Gorgeous picture
Smart TV
Built in camera
Touch remote
  • Cons:
Can't hang on wall
Only 55 inches
$8999.99 price tag
  • Buy!

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