Before You Buy 87

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Before You Buy
Episode 87

Before You Buy 87:

Razer Blade Pro 17"

Great hardware design
Great specs
  • Cons:
Buggy trackpad
No left hand support
No touch screen
  • Buy!

Kanex MeDrive

Easy Setup
No file size limits
  • Cons:
Same network
Physically connected to router
  • Don't Buy!

Braven 855s Speakers

Fill a room with sound
Lots of perks and add-ons
  • Cons:
All bluetooth
  • Buy!

Fujifilm FinePix XP200

Tough camera
Great camera for video
  • Cons:
1080i not 1080p for video
  • Try!

Transporter Cloud Storage

Cheaper than Dropbox
Control your data in the "cloud"
  • Cons:
Shared files use your upstream bandwidth
Price is high
Lack of android and third-party support
Wired ethernet only
  • Don't Buy!

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