Daily Giz Wiz 1379

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Episode # 1379 August 28th, 2012

Video Bandwidth Provded by CacheFly at CacheFly.com

Audio Bandwidth provided by the new WinAmp for Android at Winamp.com

TriCaster 850 Extreme NewTek.com

Gadget’s Brought to you by Dick DeBartolo gizwiz.biz-bit/gizwizcam2 www.gizwiz.biz Hosted by: Leo Laporte

Phyllis Diller (1917-2012) - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0226887/

V-Tech LS6475-3 This home phone is equipped with two handsets that come with a stylish silver/black base, but not only are they handheld phones the set also includes a rechargeable headset that fits snug on your ear for hands free talking!! www.amazon.com

Cord Cuncher The Cord Cruncher is an awesome way to keep your headphone cords from becoming a tangled mess in your pocket or bag. It does this by essentially zipping and unzipping the cord inside a sleeve making the cord unable to be loose and get caught on anything. www.CordCrucher.com

SATECHI Slim Surge Protector This surge protector includes three outlets, and two USB ports. The device has a green LED light at the top to let you know that the devices are charging. Compatible with your favorite new electronics!!


SEAL SHIELD WAS THE WINNER OF LAST WEEKS SKYMALL!!! (Stay tuned to following episodes to see Leo dunk his Ipad!)

SkyRest Travel Pillow The Skyrest pillow is easy to inflate and deflate while traveling but also provides a new comfortable alternative to sleeping during travel. www.skymall.c


KeyboardOrganizer http://gizwizbiz.squarespace.com/daily_giz_wiz_gadgets/2012/8/27/a-visit-to-dicks-gadget-warehouse-for-the-keyboard-organizer.html