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  • What does "TWiT" mean? Is it an acronym?
"TWiT" stands for "This Week in Tech", the name of the flagship podcast for TWiT.tv, an operating trademark of TWiT LLC.
  • What is TWiT.tv? Is it some sort of network? When did it start?
TWiT.tv is one of the biggest podcast networks around. It started in August 2005 with only 2 podcasts and now it has grown to include over 15 shows. The domain twit.tv gets over 2 million views per week.
  • Dude that's some cool equipment, what are they and where can I get it?
You can find all the information on the equipment used here.
  • Who did the album artwork and where can I find them?
Those are done by "Nitrozac" from The Joy of Tech. Portraits can be ordered at the GeekCulture store.
  • Dude, the music sounds awesome! Where can I find them and download a copy for myself?
Music for each of TWiT's podcasts can be found here. Many composers of TWiT's music, jingles and themes include Dan Lueders, Ashley Witt, Pauly Wood, George Wood, and Geoff Smith.
  • I'd really like some TWiT wallpaper for my computer, where can I find some?
We have some on the Desktops article. There are also a number of TWiT wallpapers on the TWiT Army flickr.
  • Where can I get a copy of the TWiT logo for the wallpaper/banner/sticker/really cool thing I want to make?
Right here. Refer to our guidelines on usage.
  • Should I donate? What extra features does it get me?
Donations support the ongoing costs of the TWiT Podcast Network, servers (including the server running this wiki), bandwidth, rent, and other regular costs. TWiT wouldn't be what it is without the generous donations of its community. There are currently no perks for donating (aside from a sense of satisfaction in supporting a service you love). You can donate on our Tip Jar page. (You can also follow our Amazon links there to support TWiT whenever you buy products on Amazon in the US, UK, or Canada.)
  • Can I visit?
Yes! Refer to TWiT Eastside Studio Directions and Info.

TWiT Live & TWiT.am

  • What's doing the graphics that I see on the screen and who did them?
The graphics are done by the NewTek TriCaster, a piece of video equipment designed to handle live video production.
  • What is the native resolution of the TWiT Live stream?
720x406. The TriCaster outputs 720p.
  • What live streams are available?
twit.tv/live and live.twit.tv have the quickest links to live video and audio.
  • Is there an audio-only stream?
See TWiT.am, or copy this m3u link directly into an Icecast2 compatible media player like iTunes, Winamp, VLAN, or Windows Media Player. We also have audio-only streams via TuneIn and Spreaker/
  • What downloads are available?
- You can get downloads of every TWiT show by going to the Shows page on TWiT.tv, selecting the show and episode you want, and clicking "Download Options". Subscription options are also available for each show.
- See twit.tv/apps for the latest and most comprehensive list of choices of sources for TWiT content.

TWiT Social Venues

- @TWiT announces newly available content.
- @TWiTLive announces each live show.
- @InsideTWiT features behind-the-scenes content and updates.
- @LeoLaporte is Leo's personal account.
- Others
  • How can I chat live with hundreds of other people?
- Serious chatters can use their own dedicated IRC client
- For new users, there is an easier, web-based chat client

The Tech Guy Radio Broadcast

  • What is The Tech Guy, and what does it have to do with TWiT?
The Tech Guy is Leo's weekly national radio broadcast. The show is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks. As of July 2011, TWiT has negotiated a deal with Premiere to sell their own ads on the podcast of the show.
  • How can I call The Tech Guy and talk to Leo?
Rehearse your question or topic so it can go smoothly, and call during show time. The number is 88 88 ASK LEO (888-827-5536). There's usually a lot of competition to get on. The people who try the most often get through the most often!
  • I can't get through. Is there any other way to ask my tech question to Leo?
You can try to get your question asked on Ask The Tech Guy by e-mailing askthetechguy@twit.tv. (Viewer-submitted tech questions are not answered at any other TWiT e-mail addresses.)