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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 115


  • Doug Smith, HPC SysAdmin for Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics (LASP) at the Univ. of Colorado Boulder

Doug Smith is the faculty sponsor / team coach for the University of Colorado team in the Student Cluster Competition. He has had a team in the past 3 competitions and been involved with the competition since it began. Areas of interest are high performance computing, specifically in the areas of fluid dynamics, high performance interconnects & networking and scientific visualization.

As for other FLOSS related info Doug's team is a big fan of OpenMPI (FLOSS 50, Jeff Sqyres). Teams in the past have run CentOS, SuSe Linux & Debian all open free distros. All the competition apps have been free and openly developed. Applications for the 2007 competition were HPCC, POV-Ray, GAMESS, POP Applications for the 2008 competition were RaxML, POY, GAMESS, HPCC, OpenFOAM Applications for the 2009 competition were HPCC, WRF, NWChem, CHOMBO.

SC10 Student Cluster Challenge co-chair by night. The Student Cluster Competition (SCC) showcases the computational impact of clusters and open source software in the hands of motivated and sleep-deprived students under both a time and power constraint. Somewhat-mild-mannered computational nuclear physicist by day.


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Web page with all the details of the 2010 competition:

Top 500 supercomputers in the world, as of November 2009, ranked by the same benchmark we use in the competition:

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