FLOSS Weekly 119

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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 119


"I've used Free software since I discovered Unix around 1990. I wrote a Linux kernel book (Linux Core Kernel Commentary) in 1999 and use Linux and other Free software extensively -- indeed, almost exclusively -- at home and at work."

  • Paolo Bellutta, Mars Rover Driver - JPL/NASA

- I'm one of the MER drivers. Rover Drivers are responsible for moving the rovers and placing the instuments of the ropver arm, called IDD (Intrument Deployment Device) on scientifically interesting targets.

- Prior to working on MER I did machine vision SW development for robotics and medical applications.

- I have been mostly a user of Open Source SW since, well, when that was the only source!


External Links

This link has quite a bit of information on our rovers, mostly on the HW side:

This one is a paper that describes part of the flight software:

This is the JPL web site for the MER mission:

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