FLOSS Weekly 131

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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 131


Stephen Hemminger is a Linux developer who specializes in kernel networking issues. Having been involved with TCP/IP since the early days of UNIX, he is familar with the congestion and SMP issues. Some of his projects have been integrating TCP congestion control, bridging, network emulation and network drivers. Steve works on so integrating so many different networking pieces that he decided to give himself the title of Network Plumber.


Vyatta is open source router software based on linux that takes advantages of modern processing power to control your data movement.

  • Main thing: Create a CLI (Command Line Interface) that is similar to one from Cisco or Juniper.
    • This is for big-end hardware...probably not for the little router that you have in your home.
  • Can go on existing box (x86 with a couple NICs)
    • Also have VM images
  • Based on Debian
    • Because its modular, and could only provide the few, needed, packages.
  • Commercial version has extra packages (mostly for special purpose hardware)
    • Packages that come from upstream providers that aren't open
  • x86 based
    • Not good for running as the firmware on a linksys router
  • Mostly maintained by the commercial side, most users are big commercial customers.
  • Got Microsoft to release its Hyper-V driver under the GPL
  • IPv6 support
    • Now we all need to start figuring it out

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