FLOSS Weekly 133

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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 133


Thomas Cherryhomes for LinuxMCE


LinuxMCE is a complete smart home platform combining lighting control, media control, climate control, security and telecomm for the entire home in a single package.

  • Uses lots of open source components
    • Myth TV
    • MPlayer
    • Asterisk (see FLOSS Weekly 38)
    • more
  • Smart about knowing what needs to be run for each functionality
    • e.g. Turn on the TV to watch shows
  • Uses Pluto Storage for sharing media
    • Automatically finds and configures media locations and storage throughout the network
    • Presents all the different locations as one media library
  • Follow Me
    • Presence Detection
    • Track your bluetooth phone between different bluetooth connections
    • Turn off media as you leave a room, turn it on in the room you go into and pickup where you left off
  • DCE (Data Commands and Events)
    • Base message bus
    • Any device can send to any other device in the system
  • Standards
    • X10 - automation standard, old from 1970s used by lots of stuff
    • Zed - new, up and coming automation standard
    • KNX - heavy duty lighting and such
  • Entirely community supported

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