FLOSS Weekly 136

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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 136


Carsten Dominik

  • Author of Emacs Org-Mode
  • Astronomer at the University of Amsterdam



Technically Org-Mode is an extension of emacs for an outline mode. In emacs, modes are used to edit different types of file. Emacs Org-Mode is a major mode for editing outlines, which are usually stored in plain text files with a .org filename extension.


  • Outline
    • Views and edits hierarchical collection of items
    • Structured editing
  • Todo lists
    • Project action management
    • Integrated note taking
  • Agendas
    • Reports from information gathered from multiple files
  • Tables
    • Pure text representation
    • Spreadsheet functionality using the full power of Emacs Calc)
  • Structured documents
    • Exports to HTML and LaTeX
    • Embedded source code that can be executed -- supports literate programming
  • Wiki editing
    • Works offline using a Git repository
  • Hyperlinks (including links to emails)
  • Captures ideas (to support Getting Things Done (GTD) systems)
  • A toolbox for creating your own customised solution
  • Built on a powerful cross-platform environment: emacs!

External Links

  • orgmode.org -- Web site for Org-Mode
  • MobileOrg -- iOS app for viewing, editing and searching outlines
  • MobileOrg for Android

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