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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 155



Olivier Bilodeau and Ludovic Marcotte of PacketFence.org


PacketFence ; Perl, networking and more.

What problem does Packet Fence solve? Lots of devices (wired and wireless) connect to a network. Organizations need to make sure that devices are authorized to connect to networks. Segregate authorized traffic from un-authorized traffic.

What does Packet Fence do?

  • Register everything on the network (printers, laptops, servers, etc) in a database
  • Detects abnormal activity, possibly notifies user
  • Quarintines user from network
  • Allows user to re-gain access

Re-directs web requests on an unidentified machine, using VLANs, to a "captive portal" where the user will have to login.

Designed for large deployments (100 nodes and up).

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