FLOSS Weekly 197

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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 197


Overtone is an Open Source toolkit for creating synthesizers and making music. It provides:

  • A Clojure API to the SuperCollider synthesis engine
  • A growing library of musical functions (scales, chords, rhythms, arpeggiators, etc.)
  • Metronome and timing system to support live-coding and sequencing
  • Plug and play midi device I/O
  • Simple Open Sound Control (OSC) message handling
  • Pre-cache - a system for locally caching external assets such as .wav files
  • An API for querying and fetching sounds from http://freesound.org



Clojure/conj video including demonstrations: http://blip.tv/clojure/sam-aaron-programming-music-with-overtone-5970273



Sam Aaron