FLOSS Weekly 37

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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 37



PHP as the working man's language (14:14)

Leo: So it's written in. . . Ruby? Perl?

Evan: No. PHP!

Leo: PHP, baby!

Evan. It's the workin' man's language. None of that snooty Ruby stuff.

Leo: If I had a hammer. . . And a lot of people say part of the problem Twitter is suffering from has to do with the choice of Ruby on Rails. You feel that PHP scales nicely for you?

Evan: The main reason I went with PHP is this. . . Let me back up for a second and say how Laconica works. It's a Twitter-like website, but. . .

Leo: You can go to identi.ca to see it, but others can download this software and run it. Actually, I'll let you describe it, but it's also distributed.

Evan: Exactly, and that's the key part, that it's distributed. And I want people to be able to take this software and install it on their own servers. And in fact I want them to be able to install it on the cheapest, rattiest, $2.98 a month, safe_mode PHP system out there. I would love to have it as easy and ubiquitous as WordPress, something that people can put up on cheap, cheap systems and push it out there.

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