FLOSS Weekly 39

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FLOSS Weekly
Episode 39


Simon Phipps is the Chief Open Source Officer at Sun Microsystems, co-ordinating Sun's extensive participation in free and open source software and open standards communities, promoting consistency and best practice and actively participating in the global conversation they express. Until 2000 he worked at IBM.



Simon Phipps: Open source is about the transparency at the community level, but also the privacy about ones motivations why one codes.

Simon Phipps: The internet is bringing about this transition from hub and spoke to mesh. This transition from security meaning secrecy to security meaning transparency with privacy.

Simon Phipps: The sooner an idea is brought into community, the more the originator of the idea and everybody else will benefit from it.

Simon Phipps: Open source business models are about monetizing when the user finds value, as apposed to monetizing the promise of value, which is the proprietary model.

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