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Frame Rate is the show that wants you to be able to watch what you want, when you want, where you want, and how you want it. Tom Merritt and Brian Brushwood scour everything from Hollywood to hackers to help you get closer to cutting the cord.

Originally running as a series of tests going as far back as June 8, 2010, the show eventually went from alpha to beta to golden master with the premiere episode airing on November 9, 2010. The show aired on Mondays at 3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET with the on demand download available within a few hours.

With Tom's departure from TWiT, the final episode aired on December 16, 2013. The final frame of the final episode was a screenshot of Tom, Dr. Kiki, and Brian from the first alpha test episode.


Show format

  • The Big Story
    • Extremely exciting film/TV news
  • Another Big Story
    • Somewhat less exciting but definitely still cool film/TV news.
  • Yet Another Big Story
    • Even less exciting but definitely still cool film/TV news.
  • Slip Stream
    • Programming you can access over the Internet and watch.
  • Tube Tops
    • Discussion of what television Brian and Tom have been watching.
  • Film Falm
    • All about the things you watch on your video wall.
  • Scan Line
    • 60 seconds of discussion for multiple stories.
  • What we're Watching
    • Discussion of what television Brian and Tom have been watching.
  • Feedback
    • Tom and Brian answer emails sent in by the listeners at
  • Spoiler Zone
    • Juicy details on the latest film and TV that Brian and Tom are interested in.


Movie Draft


Contact Frame Rate at

Fan submissions used in the show

Recent Episodes

Below are recent episodes you can download or watch.

  • Frame Rate 153The Final Frame NimbleTV brings TV everywhere to New York, big plans for Chromecast in 2014, Breaking Bad spinoff coming to Netflix, and the final frame is rated.
  • Frame Rate 152Fire in the Hole! Netflix's war on mass culture, ugly numbers behind unbundled cable, rumors of a Google Nexus set-top box, and more.
  • Frame Rate 151TiVo's here and ready to party How Amazon is rethinking the way television is made, Xbox Video launches on the web ahead of Windows Phone version, Intel reportedly wants $500M for delayed streaming TV effort, and more.
  • Frame Rate 150When Seconds Matter What really happened to Intel's failed TV ambitions?, YouTube app lands on Xbox One, DirecTV to Stream 30 Live TV Channels Outside the Home, and more.
  • Frame Rate 149The Cause of Cable's Decline Bill would make it illegal for ISPs to slow down online video services, NFL, MLB Tell Supreme Court: If Aereo Wins, We’re Bailing on Broadcast, and more.

More episodes can be viewed and downloaded here

Show notes

Below are detailed show notes for released episodes. These are updated as soon as possible as time allows and/or as much community effort is put into them.

Additional show notes for Frame Rate can be found here.


The theme for Frame Rate can be downloaded here.

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