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Frame Rate 0.7:

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  • Last weeks question. Worst superhero movie ever?

Worst superhero movie ever is a Tie! The more recent Underdog Movie was intensely bad, probably one of the two worst talking animal superhero movies ever made. Unluckily the other impossibly bad talking animal movie is also the other impossibly bad superhero movie, Howard The Duck. I feel these two take the prize of worst superhero movies ever because they were both major studio big ticket releases intended to draw major box office which were total flops. While the studio was quick to get out of the way of Underdog being a flop, this is not the case of Howard The Duck. There were gala premier parties with radio stations giving away tickets and all sorts of schwag. I doubt you two are old enough to remember but Howard The Duck was a disaster for promoters, there was not enough gold on earth to make that turd shine.

Ok my question for the Frame Rate Show audience, What was the best Zombie Movie of all time.


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