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Frame Rate 10

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I just to tell you guys about this iOS app that just launched yesterday. It's called IntoNow and the best way I can describe the app is it's a combination of Foursquare and Shazam made for TV. The app will listen to the audio of something on TV and identify the show and episode number of what is playing. I tried it out today and it worked pretty well as long as it could hear the show audio. You can find the app on the app store or check out

Thanks and I love the show!


Hey Tom and Brian, That Dan Lueders here. I recently discovered Frame Rate and I am loving it. I've finally gotten caught up to episode 9 and I was wondering if you have ever discussed a few of my favorite TV shows.

Burn Notice (USA)

I love the characters in this show. The main character, Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) is kind of a cross between Jim Rockford of the Rockford Files and Bond, James Bond.

The Shield (FX)

One of those shows that just grabbed me from the start. With a great cast,an excellent study on human nature and how power corrupts.

The Defenders (CBS)

This is a very fun show. Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell play Vegas law partners in this well written law ""crama"". Belushi is great in this role.

Justified (FX)

There has only been one season with season two scheduled for February 9th. It stars Timothy Olphant as a US Marshal in recently force to move back to his home town in rural Eastern Kentucky. It also stars Walton Goggins (The Shield) who steals the show most every episode.

Dexter (Showtime)

One of the best shows in production... really.

Luther (BBC 4)

Last be certainly not least, Luther staring Idris Elba (The Wire). This BBC 4 offering is an amazing crime drama with a great storyline and excellent performances.

Thank guys, Dan

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