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Frame Rate 100:


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"I just want to say that I disagree about historical spoilers. Being Canadian means my knowledge of US history is limited and Tom divulging sensitive information can indeed ruing my watching of these historical movies… For instance, I can search most Canadian documents on the subject of Abraham Lincoln and nowhere do I find any details of his days as a Vampire Hunter. Please don't spoil my view of the world.


(just kidding)


Brian, thanks for your efforts on representing my point. :)

Tom, not to harp on this but let me explain in two simple examples what I am suggesting is a spoiler for historical movies.

Example Titantic Hey a big ship hits an iceberg and sinks is not a spoiler. Hey I can't believe she still had the emerald is a spoiler.

Argo Argo is about the Iran hostage crisis is not a spoiler. Wasn't it amazing when the police cars chased their plane as they got away is a spoiler.

Thanks for the apology. Wasn't looking for it but always appreciated."


So i know you are quick to dismiss 3D. One reason being that it makes the image much darker. What if there was some crazy new Technology that maybe used I don't know ""FREAKING LAZER"" that helped make the brightness issue a non issue. Christie has a video teaser for a projector that uses lasers and supposedly fixes the brightness issue. Have to wait and see if it true but keep pushing the experience. Maybe someday this leads to holograms.... well heres to hoping. Keep on rating them frames....


Christie digital debuts full length laser projection video

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