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Frame Rate 102:


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I would like to pose this scenario / question to you:

It's the future, perhaps 10 years from now and ""A Song of Ice and Fire"" has completed its run on HBO. George R.R. Martin has completed his epic tale and the masses need something to fill the void. What is the next fantasy novel series that should be transformed into the visual medium of television?

Thanks for the great show,


PS: I vote for ""The Wheel of Time"" by Robert Jordan."

Hey guys! One thing that was not brought up by blogs and podcasts, including Frame Rate, in regards to the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm was the distribution rights the the original six films. According to the Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox owns the distribution rights to Episodes V, VI, and the prequel trilogy until 2020. The first film, Episode IV: A New Hope, is forever Fox's to do with it as it pleases. In other words, in order for Disney to release it in a mega box set in 2020 with the new sequels, they would have to make a deal with Fox. Do you think Disney will try to buy the rights to Episode IV from Fox or will they be forced to cut a licensing fee check to Fox everytime they want to do something with the film?



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