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Episode 105

Frame Rate 105:

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Love the show. I would however like to thank you both for making me lose an entire weekend. I have been listening to the two of you talk about The Walking Dead for a while now and never watched. This past weekend I was waiting for my wife to wake up and I was looking through Netflix and said ehh what the heck. I started watching on Saturday morning and am still watching at p.m. Sunday night. I got nothing done except for some enjoyable moments with my wife. I sat here glued to the TV for the whole weekend. So Thank you for that. I am sure Comcast will be sending me a notice that I have far surpassed my data cap for the month now as well. Anyway I am loving TWD and am looking forward to getting up to season 3. Love all the work you all do at Twit and continue the good work.

Thank You, John Grayslake IL"

I watched Episode 104 in which you discuss where to find Christmas classics. I remembered seeing the classic Rudolph film on The Internet Archive, so decided to look for more.

Here are links to three classic Christmas stories, and a mention that it is worth looking through. There are some films from as far back as the 1910's that adults may like, but as the previous question was directed for the kids movies, the links I am giving you are for those specifically.

P.S. Here's an extra for good measure. Love the show, and Merry Christmas."

"My ""Friend"", let's call him Steve, canceled his his cable subscription 2 years ago and is only paying $50 a month for 10 mb/s internet. Lightning struck the pole and zapped the line, his modem, router and 2 NICs. After the idiot sub-contracted cable guy hung a new line from the pole to his house (he did a terrible job) my friend Steve noticed that he had basic cable on the line. Steve says that he knows there was no cable after he cancelled but he is not sure when exactly it came back on only that he checked after the lightning strike. What are Steve's moral/legal obligations? Should he watch/record shows? Should he call the cable company and inform them of their error? Since this company has a monopoly in his neighborhood for high speed internet (DSL isn't an option) should he look at this as a gift from god to spite the evil cable company?


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