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Frame Rate
Episode 106

Frame Rate 106:


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Caught up on the last few episodes of Frame Rate today and decided to check out Sherlock on Netflix the rave review.

Only 10 min into episode 1 and I see what you mean. It's a shame, I really did like Elementary too.

Thanks for all the content - really love the show."


So I went to go see the Hobbit in Real 3D HFR this weekend with my girlfriend. We both enjoyed it a lot.. It was sharp and smooth and bright. It Reminded me a lot of a well rendered video game on a high end graphics Card on a PC. Most gamers expect around 60fps performance so gamers are used to the higher framerates."


In Episode 105 you guys were talking about the new design of YouTube. The new design is nice, but my issue with YouTube is that you subscribe to a channel versus a show. I subscribe to several different channels (Geek & Sundry, Nerdist, Machinama Prime, TWiT, etc.) but in reality I only like to watch a few shows in each channel. I want to be able to easily choose the shows I like to watch and have them pop up automatically in my feed as new episodes come out; without having to wade through all this other content from each channel.

In other words, I'd love to have a Hulu-like queue in YouTube so if I miss a week of The Guild, the next time I go to my YouTube page, there it is waiting for me. Right now I get this running list of all content from all my channels and I have to wade through it all to find my favorite shows and figure out which episode I'm on. It's a pain.


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