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Frame Rate
Episode 108

Frame Rate 108:


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I really was enjoying H+ on YouTube but the annoyance of keeping track of which episodes I've already seen coupled with the mess it makes of my ""Subscribed Videos"" stream (though Geek and Sundry is worse) makes me hate YouTube's model for watching shows.

I don't blame the channels, they're using the tools they have the way they're meant to be used. I blame YouTube for treating channels as though all of the content in them is equally valuable. I also blame them for not telling me whether or not I've watched a video.


I just had to let you know that disc that was shown was not a Laserdisc it was a CED disc. This was a competing format from RCA. The way it worked was that whole package was inserted into the player and then put out leaving the disc in the player. You pressed play to see the movie no remote. When you were done you stuck the outer jacket back into the player and it ejected the disc. This format used a needle like a turntable and the needle had to be replaced periodically. This was a very junky format and didn't last 5 years. I have a player along with a copy of Star Wars and Superman. Laserdisc was better quality and Tate of the art for video format at the time.

PS I also owner three laserdisc players.


First of all, congratulations to Brian and his wife on the recent birth of their daughter. And OK, I didn’t win the Chatrealm Winter Movie Draft by myself. EddieW and I are tied, and will probably win on the strength of our last movie selection, Django Unchained. No one else can catch us by the January 21 official end date. I promise to wear my share of the crown with dignity and maximum No-Scam. On the other hand, I still cannot clearly project a winner in the two-way race between Brian and Scott. Hot diggity, this one is coming down to the wire. The Oscar nominations seem to be giving an extra kick to both Lincoln and Les Miserables, but I don’t know who this might help the most.” Both Tom and Father Robert are totally out of the race. Sorry guys. The only remaining wild card is the late wide release of Zero Dark 30 which will likely nudge Justin out of last place ahead of Sarah Lane. This is going to be big fun watching how this all plays out at the end. Anyway, thanks again for the fun ride this winter. Love the show. Wishing everyone more fun for 2013.

OC Alexander

I've watched your show since the beginning and have enjoyed quite a few of your recommendations, Game of Thrones, Archer, Breaking Bad, and most recently Fringe.

I struggled with the first season and watched it on DVD through Netflix, but it was good enough for me to be interested in finishing the series, someday. This last fall, seasons 2 - 4 were finally made available on Amazon Instant (free with Prime membership), I had some time on my hands, so I decided to make a push to try and catch up with the series before the finale. It's incredible how the series matures and to watch the creators & writers find their voice, shifting away from ""monster of the week"" and giving everything a deeper context. Once I was ready for season five I discovered that my DVR missed the first two episodes and they were already out of Hulu's window. A minor inconvenience, at least I was able to purchase them on iTunes. After watching the rest of the episodes on Hulu Plus I'll be all caught up and ready to watch the season finale live.

So there you have it, we certainly do live in interesting (and complicated times) it only took Netflix, Amazon Instant, iTunes, and Hulu Plus, but I did it The content is out there, it's just a matter of piecing it all together and having access to the devices to play it.

Keep up the great work, Scott in Des Moines

p.s. Jason, you rock too!

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