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Frame Rate
Episode 110

Frame Rate 110:

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Winter Movie Draft

Brian Brushwood wins the Winter Movie Draft by only 4 million.

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Just finished watching FR 109, and after listening to Ian's feedback about Dr. Who fans I realized something: While I understand that feeling when people jump on things I love, and how I hate it because they don't love it the way I do, and I was there first, and how dare they... Even happens to me from time to time. BUT, I don't feel this way about Firefly (as an example) AT ALL. I bought two copies of Firefly just so I could hand out the series to friends, all because I wanted them to see this awesome thing. I still don't know why there is a difference and I do unabashedly love this series. But there is a decidedly different feeling about it. Is there anything out there that you just love to share with others because it is awesome, and you think they should have it in their life?"


I agree with both your points regarding the Machinima story last week in terms of what both parties should have done. I wanted to give another angle though, having worked with Machinima on several occasions. While much of the talent that Machinima recruited already developed large audiences before they were hired, Machinima does quite a lot for them as well. Through these advertising deals, these film makers and producers get access to things they normally couldn't get on their own. For example, they can get early access to a video game or get a private advanced screening to a film as part of an advertising program. Through these deals, they also get invited to industry and marketing events, including SDCC, E3, etc. and get substantial budgets (funding) to do some pretty creative work. Additionally, as part of a larger advertising program, Machinima also drives a lot of traffic to these custom videos, which only brings in more fame and fans for these film makers. There’s much more of a symbiotic relationship than what the complainers let on.

Personally, I still have to echo Brian’s argument that those who sign with Machinima (or any corporate entity) need to remember that basic premise of fully reading one’s contract before signing. One should always look before they leap, no matter how bright that pot of gold looks.

Best, Derrick

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