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Frame Rate
Episode 111

Frame Rate 111:

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I am a cord cutter that uses mostly online viewing but also has an HD antenna and an EyeTV to watch live TV and a few shows that aren't on Hulu (Survivor, CSI, etc.) on my iMac. The problem is that two weeks from now I will be getting my new MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display which will become my primary computer. The problem that this crates is that if I have my laptop with me in the evenings then there will not a machine at home to record my shows.

So I have two options (as I see it):

a) Buy a stand-alone DVR that will record the shows even if there is no computer present. Do you have a recommendation for a cheap solution that would do this?

b) Find a website that can easily point me to harder-to-find-but-official streams of the shows. IE: CBS streams Survivor on their website but it takes about 5 clicks from the homepage to get to a specific episode and many of the intermediary pages have spoilers on it. Would love a website that can track my favorite shows AND have links to the final stream. I LOVE how Hulu's Queue page tracks my shows but you can only subscribe to shows that are on Hulu, IE: A search on Hulu will point you to the final show on but you can't track it via your Queue page. I would even pay a small monthly fee to use a service like this! Any links you could share?

Thanks for the amazing show! LONG LIVE FRAME RATE!

Matthew AKA: Katanna"

Hey guys. Love the show! Please read this email, because it's something I'm dying to know more about. Do Sony and 20th Century Fox have to renew their contracts with Marvel to retain their rights to their respective franchises, Spider-Man & X-Men? I wonder if Disney could have any chance of buying back the rights? From what I have read, the reason franchises like Daredevil revert back is because the studio doesn't make another film within a certain amount of time since the previous film. I'm sure that's why Fox and Sony try to churn out their films faster than we can blink. If I were Disney, I would figure out a way to get the rights back. A unified Marvel cinematic universe would rock our socks off. Thanks!


So far on Frame_Rate you've discussed loving a show before it becomes popular with the masses, in this case Doctor Who, and then wanting said masses to keep their hands off it, it was ours first. Then the discussion went on with the sense of resentment that some geeks have when they love something and can't understand why the population at large doesn't get it, Firefly in this example. So what about being a geek who doesn't find out about an amazing show that is adopted by the geek community and has to come to it either after the show is dead or after the masses have begun to latch on to it? I started watching Doctor Who last year and only finally watched Firefly for the first time last week and I noticed with both that because my geek friends have loved them and evangelized for them so much that I'm a bit standoff-ish because I didn't find them first. I found myself avoiding both and almost going out of my way to not watch them. Love the show and I'm enjoying the weekly geek psychology segment.

Will in Portland"

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