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Frame Rate
Episode 112

Frame Rate 112:


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I just saw an advertisement on Canal+ channel in Spain for House of Cards. It was in English with Spanish subtitles. The series will start on Thursday, 21st of February in Canal+. I'm guessing that it will be serialized.

I thought (same as you) that it will only be available on Netflix.

Just letting you know,


"I wanted to recommend you check out CH:OS:EN on It is a crackle exclusive staring Milo Ventimiglia and it actually has some value to it. Think Booth at the End from the view of the task taker. Also, check out Twonky on pc and iPhone/ iPad allowing you to beam to your tv, show from YouTube, Veoh, Comedy Central and others, even cut and paste URL. Does require the twonky app to be installed on your device such as Roku. Love the shows and glad I found you guys when I cut the cord completely last June. Roku, antenna, and the full array of game consoles take care of all our entertainment needs.

Stream On,


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