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Frame Rate
Episode 114

Frame Rate 114:


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I can't stop watching it. This piece is beyond Awesome.

I absolutely agree Brushwood, It's a shame the creator can't be recognized for their work on this.

Memorex clearly wasn't slapped together overnight. There was some time, effort and thought put into it.

Thanks very much for bringing this attention,

Framerate Rocks!!"


"Hey guys love the show! Just wanted to see if you had any app/website recommendations to track what TV/Movies I have been watching. I signed up for GoodReads after joining the Sword and Laser Book Club and love that now have a log of all the books I have read and want to read.

I have been looking for a similar solution for TV/Movies but haven't been able to find anything. Have any suggestions? Thanks and keep up the great work. "

I was very interested to hear about Nielsen's announcement to finally add streaming video TV shows on the Internet to their ratings which you discussed in last week's episode (113).

I believe you mentioned that they'll add the Internet streaming views of their current 20,000+ participating TV households to their ratings.

However, why can't they simply get the *real* numbers of streamed shows from *all* Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, etc viewers and show them as the *actual* ratings for all Internet-viewed shows? Wouldn't that be more accurate than the *sample* small percentage the current TV ratings consist of?

On when you sign up for a free or HuluPlus account, your birthday and gender is part of the signup/registration, so they would know which age group watches their shows, which the advertisers are interested about in the ratings.

I just don't understand why the current ratings are such an outdated system...

Thanks, keep up your good discussions on your podcast!"

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