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Frame Rate
Episode 116

Frame Rate 116

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"Nielsen released more figures from 3/8 Fourth-Quarter 2012 Cross-Platform Report
5 million households up from just over 2 million in 2007. <5% of all US households, just less than half younger than 35
75% have a TV, 67% still watch video content
37% watch on computer, 16% TV Internet, 8% smartphones, 6% tablets
48% watch video through subscriptions services
2/3 say cost was not the primary factor

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To just hookup 3 TVs They came in with two large tubs filled with wires and boxes. More than doubling the number of wires I had behind my TV which was already alot.

Every TV gets its own box called the people meter with a remote control. They also install a lot of other equipment behind your TV. They tap into the sound of your TV (actually had to open two of my TVs to do this). They also tap into the sound of every device hooked up to the TV like dvd, roku, computer, video games, surround sound and so on. You're not allowed to hook anything new up to the TV by yourself you have to call them to install it for You. If you go too long without using a certain device they will call and ask you why.

All the TVs send there information to one master unit that sends the data out using a cell signal. They no longer use your phone line or your wifi.

During the initial setup they test that they are receiving audio from every device using their laptop. They also listen to every cable channel for a couple seconds so they know what channels you receive. This takes forever because they do both SD and HD channels. And you have to call them if you change your cable lineup.

As a Nielsen family member

At the beginning you have to take a fairly long survey. About every 3 months they will call you to do another small survey asking important questions like have you bought soda or table wine in the past 3 months.

In the first survey they ask questions about race, income, education, buying habits, movie going time spent on the Internet. Every 6 months they would come out and inspect their equipment and ask all these questions over again.

On TNT I've heard you refer to Nielsen's reports about smartphone use percentages. I have always wondered where those numbers came from because they only asked me the one time on the initial survey.

Every family member gets its own dedicated button. Every 42 minutes when the people meter starts to blink you have to press your button that indicates you are still watching TV. If you do not press your button right away more and more lights start to blink until all 16 lights are blinking. I do not know how long it takes but they will stop counting your TV if you do not press a button. If a non family member is watching TV they have to log in with there age and sex. If they see the TV on and you go too long without logging in they will call you to find out who is watching TV.

During the setup they ask if you pause your TV for long periods of time because they do not like having the TV on without hearing sound. They also ask if you fall asleep with the TV on at night so they can factor that into the ratings. They tell you not to change the way you view TV normally. At first I did change the way I watch TV I started to watch my favorite shows live because I knew they would get higher ratings that way. This did not last long since live TV sucks. I also want Nielsen to know that just because programs did not get watched live they still got watched.

You are only allowed to be a Nielsen family member for 2 years. If you move you have to quit they will not allow you to continue in your new location. Because they pick people based on geographic location .

I think i got 150 dollars at the beginning then something like 50 dollars every 6 months and at the end of the 2 years I think you get another 100 dollars. You get paid more at the beginning depending on the number of TVs you have hooked up. The pay is not nearly enough for the inconvenience.

Some of the rules of being a Nielsen family member are

You are not allowed to tell anyone that you are a family member

But you do have to explain it to people who come over to watch TV and then tell them not to tell anyone.

Let them know if anyone's moved in or out of your house.

Let them know If you go on vacation for more than 2 weeks

Give them 3 months notice if you're planning on moving.

Nielsen keeps track of every minute that your TV is on. If you are watching cable then they know exactly what you're watching by using codes in the sound . If you're not watching cable they can only track what device you are watching.

You talked about Nielsen starting to rate more than just cable TV. This makes sense because they know how many minutes people are watching non cable TV devices. I'm sure they are seen more and more people watching cable TV less and watching all other devices more. With the Technology behind apps like into-now it would be easy for them to find out what TV show or movie you're watching regardless of the source. but for non mainstream content like twit or H+ it will be a lot harder for them to figure out what you are watching. If TWIT wanted to be counted you would probably have to start adding Nielsen's sound codes into your video.

I always wanted to be a Nielsen family member ironically enough when I finally become one I watch almost no cable TV mostly Netflix and twit.

As a kid I always wanted to be a Nielsen family member because I thought you would get all the cable channels for free I wish this was true.

I decided to be a Nielsen family member because I wanted to help the shows that I watched. I was sick of good shows like Jericho and arrested development being cancelled.

I also just thought it would be interesting as a fan of frame rate to experience Nielsen while listening to you guys talk so much about it. At first I thought I might share my experience with you in real time while I was still a family member. But Nielsen said they spend a lot of time watching chat rooms, forums and so on. So I did not want to take a chance of getting kicked out. I'm glad your show lasted long enough for me too share my experience with you LOL.

A lot of people complain about Nielsen not being accurate I am in no way standing up for them. Some believe it would be more accurate to get information straight from the cable boxes. I believe there are a few problems with this. There is no way of telling if someone is actually watching TV or if it is just on. You would also have to trust the cable company which I don't think anyone does. You would also not get any data about usage from other devices other than the cable box itself.

I believe Nielsen should expand the number of houses that get the people meter. Views should be counted the same regardless of source.

Nielsen also does website ratings. They do this by installing software on your computer and having a pop up Window on screen that you have to click telling them that your in still front of the computer . These Sounded to annoying so I did not participate in this program

Love the show


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