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Episode 117

Frame Rate 117:

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Customers could pay $50 a month for their broadband Internet and an extra $10 or $15 for HBO to be packaged in with that service, for a total of $60 or $65 per month, Plepler explained.

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Enjoying the show via podcast and heard the story on the record growth for Twitch TV.

This likely has everything to do with Twitch joining Facebook and YouTube in being fully integrated into Call of Duty Black Ops II back in February and features streaming directly from the game servers.

It came to mind because they also made it a profile completion requirement for the Call of Duty Elite (stat tracking) application, which I pleasantly found a bit annoying.

Thanks for a great show as always... a huge fan.


Video question about streaming sports and local ads


Brian your not crazy (in this instance) I get what you are saying. I think School of Thrones is different from a typical parody. The School/Game of Thrones relationship is more analogous to Clueless & Emma or Lion King & Macbeth. I wouldn't classify Lion King as a Macbeth parody. Does Pride and Prejudice and Zombies count as parody? Because I'd love to make a Star Wars movie featuring zombies. Of course, there is no copyright to violate in any of my examples. But no, I don't think you are crazy.


Tom mentioned this one but I think it fits what Brian is saying really well. The show is Harry Potter And The Ten Years Later ( It was a seven episode series that is a new story about the ACTUAL characters in the HP series. (Unlike Chad Vader and some of the other things mentioned this week.)

They call it a parody in their description but that seems like an attempt at legal CYA. While there is humor in it, it also has a compelling story that, IMHO, goes far beyond parody into the territory of ""extended universe"" content. JK Rowling hasn't been overly kind to HP works that she didn't create or approve (

Thanks for the great show, Keith

As a father of an eight-year-old-girl, I would direct Brian to Disney's The Wizards of Waverly Place available on Netflix.

The overall show itself is a ripoff of Harry Potter mixed with Bewitched, with a family of Wizards living in New York and keeping the Magic World a secret.

So far so good: But somewhere there's a multi-episode plotline set at ""Wizard Tech"" which directly parodies HP, with Evil Wizards plotting the takeover of the wizards' school and a made up sporting event.

They then use characters and situations from this parody later in the series in non-parody stories, Leading up to a long continuing story to wrap up the series.

Maybe not exactly the point Brian was trying to get across, but like Chad Vader, here's a parody that uses other people's Intellectual property as a launching point for their own stories using the parody characters in a non-parody way.

And even though the direct references to Harry Potter are meant as parodies, the show has so many other similarities I'm really surprised there wasn't any lawsuits back and forth.


Not sure if this fits the criteria, but this is a short that took a new character that was wholly created outside of the Lucas structure, and went on to 2 more episodes over the following years, with one final episode due to be completed and released this year. It was a character that ran parallel to the existing story, but had it's own story to tell, and has indeed even been brought back into the main story, being referenced in a few official projects.


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