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Frame Rate
Episode 119

Frame Rate 119:

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Chase Carey COO NewsCorp - “If we can’t have our rights properly protected through legal and governmental solutions, we will pursue business solutions. One solution would be to take the network and make it a subscription service. We’re not going to sit idly by and let people steal our content.”

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"LucasArts was shut down on Wednesday. Also, another round of layoffs was announced throughout ILM and LECL (LECL is the division that houses IS/IT/Training, and other support services) later that morning. The layoffs affected about 300 in technology and 'Overhead' Lucas Online ( was also heavily impacted. It was enough to trigger the provisions of the Federal WARN Act, that means at least 30% of the workforce was let go" - Source wishes to remain anon.

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Any chance this site might be of interest to Frame Rate viewers?


Quick comment on Doctor Who, the first two episodes have been great but I can't help thinking that the monster of the week stories are cut way too short, yes we have the underlying stories that will run the length of the season. Yes, I understand the monster of the week needs to start and end on the same episode, hence monster of the week. But I may have mentioned I have been a fan of the Doctor for quite some time. Do you think that stories are lost by having them start and finish in an hour? Is it simply a matter of attracting a new generation of viewers, or keeping the current generation of viewers interested, that stories are told this way. Prior to the 2005 reboot a story could last from as little as 2 shows to 6 shows. Both of the opening episodes had stories that could have been so much better told over 2 or even 3 weeks.


Brian brutally criticizes Walking Dead for the meandering pacing. This is what he praises about Game of Thrones.

I think maybe the difference is that GOT is heading in a definite direction we pretty much all know Daenerys will one day claim the iron throne (no spoilers just speculation) and want to see that happen and are enjoying the ride.

I don't see a satisfying out for the Walking Dead. I haven't read the comics, but they either eventually die in a plague infected world or they find a cure. One ending is depressing the other is about as satisfying as The War of the Worlds.



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