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Frame Rate 120:


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Let me try and explain my excitement over 4k. I have a 47"" 1080 Tv. When I watch a blu-ray I pull my easy chair to approximately 7' from the screen. I could sit a little closer before being too close.

I want a 70"" 4k TV and I'd like to sit 10' or so from the screen and feel like I'm at the movie theater.

As you know, the point of 4k is being able to sit closer to a bigger TV, hopefully a movie theater like experience."


The problem with "4K" TV is that it's still at a 16:9 aspect ratio. You're STILL going to see bars at the top and bottom when watching a movie with the aspect ratio of 2.40:1 (or anything higher than 1.77:1). Unless TVs start being produced in a higher aspect ratio, 4KTVs are worthless.


Brian, I am a programmer, and I use this as a way to way to justify my monitor addiction. I would totally go for a 4k screen, then put my two larger monitors on the sides of it in portrait mode for a little extra desktop space so things don't feel so cramped. My vote is firmly in team 4k computer monitor.

Further down the road I can picture homes with 8k or higher video walls to function as a hub for all the information you want to see, as seen in Back to the Future. ""Show me ESPN, HBO, the weather, my Twitter feed and place a video call to my mother."" All on one huge screen.


In response to your question about whether anyone really cares about the idea of 4K, I would say that the answer for me is yes, but I recognize I have a somewhat unique set up. I have a 135" screen in my home theater with a Digital Projection 3-chip projector. It does 1080p today, which clearly looks better than 720p and 1080i, especially on a well mastered BD. While I don't know this for sure, I expect that on 135" I will see improvement with 4K. I am somewhat more skeptical when it comes to my 65" plasma.


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