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Frame Rate
Episode 121

Frame Rate 121:


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Local TV stations will earn $18.2 billion in that same period.--- SNL forecasts that by 2016, retrans fees will account for 21 percent of TV station ad revenue and 14 percent of TV network ad revenue.

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1.Brian Brushwood

Tied for 2nd:
Tom Merritt
Justin Robert Young
Sarah Lane
Scott Johnson
C. Robert Cargill

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Love the show. Im shocked to realize none of you are watching Vikings on the History Channel. The show is very polished with tremendous acting. I highly recommend it and you should definitely find time to squeeze it in.


Daniel from Lake Worth, FL

We recently had a friend move in with us who brought with her a modern HD TV. Up until now we'd been living with an old (but cheap) 32"" tube. I (as you can imagine) was thoroughly pleased at the addition of new hardware and thrilled to be able to hook up our 360 to it and enjoy it as a media center.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the 360 is utterly useless in the living room without an Xbox Live Gold Subscription. We're casual gamers who gain nothing from a live subscription (seriously - we play the Lego games and that's about it). The only thing we'd get out of it would be Netflix, HuluPlus and YouTube. Do you guys really think that Microsoft can convince someone to choose a subscription they don't need over a Roku or an Apple TV that provides the same services for free?

Thanks for the great show

Aaron E.

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