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Frame Rate
Episode 122

Frame Rate 122:

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The Big Story

Another Big Story

Netflix manifesto posted on investor relations site:
APPS: actively curating, apps replace channels, commends HBO, ESPN, BBC for getting it.
FOCUS: NOT interested in topical (Daily Show), reality or sports.
We have to be a focused passion brand. Starbucks, not 7-Eleven. Southwest, not United. HBO, not Dish.
HBO biggest competitor.
Believes they'll triple HBO subscribers, but "it will be several years before we are peers with them in terms of Original programming, Emmy awards, and international members."
Dismisses cord-cutting as not an issue. Says "services like Netflix,, iTunes and YouTube are not currently a material strategic problem for companies that are both an ISP and an MVPD."
4K streaming will proliferate "long before" linear TV makes the shift.

Slip Stream

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I'm one of the people that (may have) gamed Netflix for the free subscription. I had intended for a while to sign up for Netflix's disc service (I can't stand the quality of their streams) to get Blu-ray delivery. I finally bit the bullet when House of Cards came out (I used the /twit URL just for you guys), watched the show and immediately canceled after finishing (and greatly enjoying) it. I also re-watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development with friends and did a few other things, but overall I only wanted to watch House of Cards.

That said, I now give Netflix approx. $10/month to get discs delivered to me, so I don't know if I count as a system-gamer or not.

Brian from Trona

I love the FrameRate podcast and think you guys totally rock that ish. There are two things, I’ve noticed, that Brian has been actively avoiding outright naming in an attempt (I presume) to prevent spoiling upcoming events for those who haven't read the books. I question the logic behind this. Anyone who has a clue who [NAME REDACTED] is has already been spoiled; anyone else wouldn’t know anything about [GENDER INSPECIFIC], therefore the name itself cannot be a spoiler. The same can be said for the [EVENT TITLE REDACTED] (calling it a [NOUN DELETED] may give something away, but it would “tease” more than “spoil”, IMHO). I hope this logic is sound and true so it will allow Brian to speak, unencumbered, about these exciting events that he seems to be anxious to speak about.

Thanks for the great podcast!


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