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Frame Rate 123:


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Just want to say I love the show and I always look forward to each new episode showing up in my feed.

I wanted to comment on what Brian had said during the discussion of Game of Thrones. He'd said that at this point he wishes he could forget all that he knows from the books and just enjoy the show for what it is without the pre-knowledge that the books give him. Being someone who's coming to the series late, that's exactly what I am getting to do.

I watched the first season and loved every minute of it. Then, I got the first book on Audible and listened to that. I found myself enjoying it even more than I might have otherwise. The book was everything that made the show great, plus a little bit extra. I could see where the two diverged or condensed particular aspects of the plot, and I was okay with it. In my head I was able to seperate the book and the show into two different works. Game of Thrones: The Book and Game of Thrones: Season One told much the same story, but told it in medium-appropriate styles.

Whether you've read the books or not, the important thing that you and anyone who's watching a movie or TV Show based on a novel needs to remember is this: you have to let yourself acknowledge that you're not watching The Book as a TV Show, but a TV Show derived from The Book. It's a subtle, but very important distinction that a lot of people fail to make.

Keep up the great work!


OMG Tom, Just saw that you gave up on Hemlock Grove in the middle of episode 6. Maybe you just needed some coffee. Skip over episodes 6-11. All you'll really miss is couple blood baths and the {comment redacted}. Just watch E12 and E13. E12 wraps up the season story arc about the bad werewolf and E13 opens so many story arcs I hope season 2 comes out by next Sept. So many monsters in this town, I just have to wonder what's next. Kind of like Lost meets Twilight."


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