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Frame Rate
Episode 125

Frame Rate 125:


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Listening to 124. I have to agree with Tom on the ” Ender’s Game” film. Spoiling the surprise from the very beginning (of the trailer, at least) alters the whole movie.

I wonder if it is going to be like Will Smith’s “I Robot.” To me at least, it would have been a more enjoyable film if it had a different title. With a different title, the reference to the book would have given the film an added dimension. With the title, I just kept being annoyed. Clearly the writers seem to have skimmed the Cliff Notes for Asimov’s “I Robot,” but they missed the important points.

On the other hand, could we be victim of the company making the trailer spoiling the film? “The Sixth Sense” was kind of spoiled for me when the person at the video store told me there was a twist. I kept looking for where a twist might come.

Yeah, yeah, the only way to know for sure is to see the film. I do wish they had called it something else though.

“Blade Runner” wasn't “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” (and was much more upbeat) not to mention “Total Recall” wasn't ” We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.”"


Hey guys, love the show and have picked up some great tips for what to watch. I can't believe however, that you haven't mentioned Rectify on the Sundance Channel. Anybody seen it? It is awesome!



I'm curious if there has been any discussion about video quality on YouTube especially on these new pay channels. I'm on Verizon FIOS and have plenty of bandwidth yet watching anything on YouTube is hit or miss. Sometimes videos lag or won't load at certain resolutions, the buffing software is terrible, and maybe 25% of the time everything plays smoothly. I'm not paying a monthly sub for that kind of service. Also, YouTube TV apps perform even worse, and that's where I want to watch. Thoughts?


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