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Frame Rate
Episode 128

Frame Rate 128:


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Wanted to chime in on the Feedback question about the advert on YouTube. Videos (for advertising) are subject for review by YouTube, where any objectionable content is rejected, especially when running across YouTube In-Stream ( Once a video is approved, the video should be age-targeted if there is a rating (e.g. MPAA, ESRB, etc.). Of course, this gets tricky if a child is watching YouTube while logged under a parent's account.

Age-gated videos, which cannot run in YouTube In-stream, are only served in YouTube's In-Search.

Interesting enough, YouTube's review standards differ from region to region. From what I've gathered, the UK is less strict than the US.

Derrick Chen

After listening to episode 127 last week, I finally decided to give Vudu's disc at home conversion a try. I had been meaning to try their conversion service before, but never got around to taking my movies into Walmart.

The process was very easy and within about 30 minutes I had 21 movies scanned in to be converted to their digital format. Most of these were Blu-ray Discs with a couple of DVDs thrown in to upgrade to their HDX format. Out of all the discs, only 3-4 were not able to be converted. I am guessing this was due to some form of distribution rights conflict, since they were from their list of participating studios.

The were several benefits to this process, the biggest was the time savings of not having to rip each movie and then convert to a playable format for either my Apple TV or Roku box.

The biggest con to this service is that while you can download copies of your newly converted movies to your computer or iPad, Vudu appears to only be allowing standard definition downloads. I was a bit disappointed with this, but the streaming quality of HDX definitely overrides this issue for me.

Lastly, the cost side of the whole process was more reasonable than I expected. Currently you get a two dollar credit for the first conversion. This is a nice incentive to try the service and is good for either a DVD or blu-ray conversion. The real hook is that they currently give you a 50% discount when you convert ten or more discs. So in effect you are converting your discs for $1 each and $2.50 for DVD to the higher HDX format. The pricing combined with the ease of use is a hard value proposition to pass on!

Thanks for reviewing Vudu's new offering last week. I love show and look forward listening to you each week.



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