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Frame Rate
Episode 129

Frame Rate 129:

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One of my favorite things to watch is the making of on my DVD's, but recently i've been renting or streaming more movies then i buy. But sadly i feel like i'm missing out. For example The Newsroom recently came out on DVD. but as of right now i don't really want to buy it for $40. But i'd spend .99 even $2 to watch the making of/behind the scenes, especially before the new season starts.

Curious to what your thoughts were on the subject.

A Non Live viewer

Jeff H

I love The Wire. I would easily call it the greatest show of all time. And there's my problem. I can't find anything as enjoyable. I watch and love Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Shameless but its not the same. I've tried shows like The Shield but couldn't finish because my love for The Wire said it was too fantastical and didn't have enough police reality in it. I've tried the latest Doctor Who series. Hell, I've tried Merlin! Please don't tell me Downton Abbey is the only show I have left to watch. I need my quality tv fix! My elitist views require it.


A couple episodes back you guys briefly touched on 'Tucker & Dale vs. Evil' & 'Cabin in the Woods' & how they are ""self aware""/""meta"". THEN you guys jokingly shunned the movie Rubber! When Tom mentioned 'Rubber' I excitedly sat up, expecting you guys to break down THE ultimate self-aware/meta flick!

'RUBBER' is the story of a tire (named Robert) who one day becomes self-aware ...AND discovers that he can blow things up with his mind!! It totally takes the ""Jaws"" (mindless killing machine) formula & knocks it on its ass! I wouldn't say it breaks the 4th wall, but rather, it creates a 4th wall & then breaks a 5th freaking' wall! It's a fun trippy flick! It really makes you think about over-used movie cliches & how they usually lead to easily predictable climaxes. 'Rubber' will pull the carpet out from under you! (...also it was filmed entirely with a Canon 5D-MKII)


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