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Frame Rate
Episode 130

Frame Rate 130:

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Just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you that I agree with Brian about your discussion you had in your last Frame Rate show (episode Frame Rate 129 ""Chase That Dragon"", 6/24/2013) -- I also found it unusual to see so many different products/companies placements in ""Man of Steel"" (I'm surprised Tom didn't notice them :-)

It thought it was rather interesting to see so many placements such as Sears, Nokia, etc -- and funny to see Superman fighting the bad guys crashing into the IHOP restaurant...

I googled and found this article/video - -- apparently the movie already made over $100M before it was released, thanks to those placements...

Keep up your good show & discussions you have!

Best Regards,

R. Trenkler

I'm becoming increasing frustrated with the pricing structure at Vudu and iTunes. If I want to buy a new movie from either service it will cost me around $20.00 (sometimes more/sometimes less depending on quality). However, if I buy the same movie on Blu-ray/DVD I get not only the disc but also the digital download (iTunes) and the Vudu copy for around the same price. I really don't want the disc, but I like getting the iTunes/Vudu copies so that I can watch the movie anywhere/anytime I want. I now own so many movies that I have opened the case just once in order to get the code out of the case and then put it on a shelf taking up space. Do you think iTunes/Vudu will ever decrease their prices or that stores will offer just the iTunes/Vudu copies without a disc included for less? Thanks for your opinion.


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