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Frame Rate
Episode 131

Frame Rate 131:


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I took the ""Chicken Challenge"" around October of 2012.  It was a very similar situation to what Brian described.  While paying bills, I noticed that my AT&T U-Verse bill went up another 10 bucks, after doing the same thing the previous month...and the month before.  I had been toying with the idea of dropping the TV portion of my plan for a while.  At that moment I snapped and called AT&T to cancel.

Once on the phone, the rep went into immediate retention mode once I declared my intention to cancel cable.  After about 20 minutes of back and forth, I got an offer to add every channel (adding HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, et al) I would ever need while dropping my bill by $20 a month."


I guess it was kismet that the morning before frame rate posted I had contacted U-verse to cut the cord.  They tried to offer me a couple alternatives.  I just told them I only watch a couple show a week and it just wasn't worth it.  They offered me $15 off at first and it gradually went up to $70 off my monthly bill and I turned them down. My kids think Netflix is television so I was really just keeping it around for me. Thankfully in my area that U-verse has no usage caps yet.  I imagine that is going to increase a bit.


Took the challenge about 2 months ago, with full intention of dropping cable tv and replacing it with an HD antenna, H+ and Netflix. Comcast dropped monthly bill for TV and Internet from $140/mo to $80/mo, and that isnt even a promotional rate, they tell me it wont expire. It also came with a slight Internet speed boost (went from 20mbps to 25mbps iirc)


I have Dish network, i called and told them i wanted to cancel.  i was paying 54 dollars a month, they offered me a deal of 23 dollars a month, I asked them to put me down to the smallest package and got my (TV only) service to 13 dollars a month.  they were friendly and did not seem hostile about mentioning online content, they just gave me the offers and that was that. Thanks Brian :)


Brian please try hooking up the cable to a tv.  I expect that you will find that they didn't turn off the pipe and you are still getting some cable signals."


I live in Eastern PA and called up RCN after I heard the podcast commuting home from work. I said exactly what you told me to say. ""I noticed I can get my tv experience through the internet so I'm going to cancel the cable part of my service and only keep phone/internet"". The customer service worker named Rochelle said ""No problem! what date would you like to cancel?"". I paused and then started a conversation asking how much would the bill cost with only phone/internet. She put me on hold and this is when I thought she was going to talk to her supervisor. This is when she is informing them I'm about to cut the cord and what she can do to keep his service. She came back with ""That would be $88.00 with tax for a 25mb connection, what day would you like us to turn off the service?"" Again I'm realizing i'm losing this game. Then I keep the conversation going, ""When do I need to return the equipment?"" Her respond ""by the termination date that is why you need to let us know what date that would be"". Then I panic and said ""You know what, Wimbledon is still going on so I should wait till that is over"". I guess she doesn't watch tennis and said ""I don't know what you mean"" then I explained and she confirmed that is why you get to pick the termination date. How do you get out of this horrible game of chicken? You make believe you have a bad connection and hang up on them! I was so hoping this would have brought my price down but RCN won the game of chicken.


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