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Frame Rate
Episode 135

Frame Rate 135:

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I heard Tom mentioning something about Continuum. So I tried to start watching it. I like it mostly. I like how they play with of the theories of time travel. I have a particular problem with the first few episodes. I know that Canada and the United States of America enjoy one of the best relationship between two countries but even with that strong relationship is hard for me to believe that a police officer from United States could just start working for a Canadian department without more paperwork. I know she's really using section 6 as a cover, but knowing all the paperwork I had to do live in the United States I just can't see the police captain welcoming her aboard without things being done by the book

Christopher Portland

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Richard Kohut

Have you guys seen the indiegogo campaign that is raising money to make a pilot for a new Star Trek series. A bunch of former Star Trek cast members are involved, as well as Grant Imahara from Mythbuster.


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