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Frame Rate
Episode 137

Frame Rate 137:


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The Big Story

Steven Max Patterson on Quartz - Data from the PricewaterhouseCooper’s (PwC) global entertainment and media outlook for 2013-2017 predicts OTT and traditional TV will grow... OTT TV has only reinvented a single part of the TV business, streaming archival movie and television content over the internet replacing physical DVDs and time-shifted DVR replay of TV programs. To displace incumbents, OTT TV has to continue to change TV business models in ways that appeal to consumers and attract content owners.
Ben Elowitz, CEO of Wetpaint on ATD suggests Netflix should start streaming live events. Maybe things like the White House Correspondents dinner for House of Cards Fans or the Tony Awards for musical lovers. " Netflix Live would not only bring new “must-haves” to its offering, but could potentially convert tens of millions of unhappy cable customers into Netflix subscribers. It would also give Netflix the edge to charge more for added value down the road. "
WSJ reported Thursday Sony and Viacom have agreed in principle to stream Viacom programming over Sony's OTT service. Peter Kafka reasonable speculates that a Sony service would be priced and bundled similarly to existing services. Possitives would be national competition, not local monopolies, and no need for cable infrastructure or boxes. Negatives are no real disruption. is this part of the revolution?

Another Big Story

A TDG (The Diffusion Group) Research survey says Broadband users with “connected TVs” — that is, anything from a “smart TV” to a TV with an Apple TV or Roku, or even a TV connected to a laptop with a cable — say they are twice as likely to cut the cord as broadband users who don’t connect their TV to the Internet.

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Randy Moore’s Escape From Tomorrow Shot In Disney Theme Parks Without Permission Gets Theatrical And VOD Release Date of October 11 - In a world of fake castles and anthropomorphic rodents, an epic battle begins when an unemployed father’s sanity is challenged by a chance encounter with two underage girls on holiday.
Martin Scorsese's World Cinema Foundation (WCF) in a partnership with the Criterion Collection, is bringing 8 of the first 21 movies the org. has preserved to Hulu. The movies will be free for streaming with commercials until August 24 then only on Hulu Plus but w/o ads.
Swedish TV-prover Com Hem gave out 20 Samsung-built boxes running TiVo and accessing IPTV. The customers are asked to document their experience. The boxes have normal TiVo features like TiVoToGo and simultaneous DVR recording of up to three HD channels.
The Google Fiber Android app got an update today that adds support for Vudu, adding another over-the-top video service along with Netflix and YouTube. This will allow viewers to search for and view content across their TV and mobile screens including all those services. Customers will have to log in to Vudu on each box.
Zachary Seward at The Atlantic has an article documenting AMC's history and how they're bucking the trends. New episodes available on iTunes and Amazon a few hours after airing. Netflix has rights to stream all previous episodes which has increased viewership. They also struck a deal with Netflix UK to get episodes quickly after air in US. Does this make AMC more amenable to Google, Sony, Apple etc?
SyFy iPhone app becomes SyFy now streaming full episodes to the app for subscribers of select providers (not DirecTV, TWC or Comcast mind you). SyFy's iPad app becomes SyFy Sync for getting info while watching shows. Comes to Android in September.

Summer Movie Draft


First Frame Rate is one of the top 3 shows on TWiT. Love it!

OK I have a topic for you. Digital Movie Downloads

I am one of those who have always purchased the DVD or Blueray but now am thinking I want to transition to just keeping movies on an external hard drive.

Q1: Where is the best place to buy a digital copy of a movie? Amazon says you need to download their app to playback. Google Plus is confusing onto if you can actually play it not on an Android device or move it to an SD card or external drive. I and most of us just want a digital copy I can play on any PC I plug my external drive into. Q2: Burning my original DVD's and Movies. What's the easiest way to do it? In Adobe Master Suite CS6 which program to use. (this Q is just more for me)

AWESOME Thanks for creating great content each week :)

Fellow cord cutter for 2yrs. Was using Roku, now Chromecast and ProXPN.


I'm trying to figure out this Ultraviolet thing. It seems very buggy. I have myself, my sister, my sister-in law and my daughter all with accounts. I have linked my Vudu, Flixster and Cinema Now Accounts, Just recently, it seems that when movies I've add and my sister has added aren't going into the system properly. Ex: I added Oblivion, through my vudu account and it's not showing up on Ultraviolet at all.

Also submitting movies through some of the other accounts on a different computer are a nightmare. Do you think you could give a ""Best Practice"" of maybe what to do and what not to do? Personally I think linking any of these services to face book is a bad ideas, because if I'm at my husbands computer its a painful to get into each account because I'd have to sign out of everything from his and sign back in.

Thanks for any help

Nicky M.

So, Tom offended every Tivo owner on last week's show, saying it's ""the device the old fashioned can't let go.""

Wow, that's pretty insulting.

I love my Tivo because it does something that none of the services you talk about on Framerate are capable of: record every show I want to watch and present all the new episodes to me in one easy to use interface.

With Tivo, I don't have to spend a single second thinking about which service a show is available on, what day a new episode comes out, or keep track of which episodes I've watched.

Brian has often said on the show something like ""I wish I didn't have to know what channel something was on."" This makes me laugh every time I hear it, because if you named any show I watch, I wouldn't be able to tell you the channel number or time of day the show airs. I'd even be pressed to name the day of the week it comes on. All I know is whether a show pops up in my single repository of new shows.

So there you are. I don't care if I'm ""old fashioned."" I have a wonderful viewing experience, and for someone like me who watches a ton of TV, there's not a single better way to do it. YET.


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