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Frame Rate
Episode 138

Frame Rate 138:

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I am a football(American) fanatic. My usual classification would be a cord cutter, but sportsball makes it difficult to fully cut the cord - I like my college and Pro football. And while I can get my local “pro” (Lions) football team via over the air in HD, it’s really college football and Monday Night Football that I am missing out on as a cord-cutter with ESPN and Big Ten Network. Thankfully, my internet provider (WOW) allows me to upgrade / downgrade with no contract commitments or install costs. NCAA Football season starts August 29 and on that day I have my provider scheduled to come over and install a cable box and activate a HD package with the channels I need for my football fix.

When bowl season is over in January I will go ahead and cancel cable tv and go back to my internet-only entertainment. This ends up being $40 / month for 15 Megabit internet for the better part of 8 months and TV + internet at $70 / month for a little more than 4 months. The average price ends up being $50 / month over the course of the year. I guess I would be classified as a seasonal cord cutter. Or maybe a migratory cord cutter, like a bird who heads south in the winter - I get cable as the season approaches.


Detroit, MI

I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this.

Netflix had parental controls so that you could log into your account and restrict access to videos based on 4 age related settings.

Since profiles were added, you can set which profile has age restrictions, but when my 9 year old runs Netflix on PS3, he can just choose his older brother's profile, or mine, and start watching what he likes.

I think the solution is to add an optional quick access PIN for certain profiles.



I just want to comment about the ""Pixar people must be feeling horrible about Planes."" comments made on show 137. Here's the problem with that statement, EVERYTHING that comes out of Disney that is animated, including Pixar, Disney Animation, and Disney Toon Studios (Who released Planes) is run by Mr Pixar himself, John Lasseter. When Disney fully absorbed Pixar this was one of the first changes they made in the internal structure was making sure that John Lasseter would be involved in EVERY ANIMATED THING THAT DISNEY RELEASED.

Planes was a made for TV feature, and it's generic story reflects that. Hopefully Disney will learn from this experience and focus on releasing quality features to theaters and keep lesser quality projects on Disney Channel.

Jeff AKA JalenJade

Salt Lake City, UT

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