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Frame Rate
Episode 139

Frame Rate 139:


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Guys, you mentioned video game to movie franchises... what about the Resident Evil franchise. Seems like they've been pretty successful. Thoughts?

Brad in San Antonio

A few weeks ago, you mentioned that Southwest Airlines is now offering a free TV service on their wi-fi enabled flights.

I just returned from a trip and wanted to let you know that the experience was surprisingly good.

I was able to watch the opening Thursday night NFL game on my laptop live on the NY NBC feed, until the battery died.

Unfortunately, it didn't work on my Samsung Galaxy Note, but did work on my backup HTC G2 phone (It clearly states that not all Android devices are supported).

The login process was simple and the picture quality was more than acceptable.

Thank you Southwest and thank you Dish Network!

Love the show and keep up the great work.


John Cuthbertson

I went to my local movie store (yes my wife and I still rent movies from a store) and well to my surprise I found House of Cards on DVD. I thought Netflix had an exclusive on House of Cards. Why would anyone want to sign up for Netflix for exclusive content if well, it isn't exclusive? For the record, my wife and I have tried Netflix and Amazon and still prefer to rent movies from a store because we only rent one or two a month and even though we are both 30 years old prefer to browse for movies in person.

Jay in Ohio

I received a Nielsen packet in the mail today. Being curious, I opened it and decided to call them. The lady went through the normal information requests which I gave her. When asked if I had cable, sat, or normal over the air signal, I told her I watched absolutely no live television. She didnt believe me since I have 3 tvs and not even 1 antenna. She asked how I watched my shows and movies. I told her that I watch live streams, podcasts, Netflix, Hulu+ (which I recently cancelled) and that I stream my old DVDs & blu-rays from my pc to any tv or device I want (even over the air) so I had no desire or need to have love television. She asked I watch sports (which I do) and asked how I watch them. I told her how (usually on the computer or iphone them streamed/AirPlay to TV). She then told me how they wanted to know that info so they can provide feedback to the networks and providers. I told her it was pointless because the networks don't care what I watch on Netflix because they are getting paid by Netflix to allow them to have the rights to that content. Basically, the lady was very unaware of how content can be viewed on the Internet only.

Just thought I'd drop a line and let you know.


Tom Welch

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